Bihar tourism 2020

Bihar tourism in 2020
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Bihar Tourism

Bihar is famous for his rich cultural heritage their monuments based on different cultures. There are 38 districts and 101 subdivision in these states. The main occupation of these states is farming. Patna, Nalanda, Gaya, Rajgir, Madhubani are some famous places in Bihar.

Bihar tourism in 2020
AryanR / Pixabay

Visiting the place at Bihar Tourism.

Some places in Patna-  golghar which is a round shape building which was the granary building at ancient time. Patna and the Bihar museum are two another place where one should visit there. Sanjay Gandhi jaivik udyaan a zoo situated in the centre of the city where lots of animals are there. Mahatma Gandhi Setu bridge which is one of Asia’s longest bridge almost 5.75 km. Funtasia water park situated at Patna where waterslide pool playing and nice memorable places.

Nalanda University archaeological sites red brick used in it. Hiuen tsang memorial Hall in Nalanda which made in the honour of Chinese scholar hiuen tsang. The great stupa at Nalanda which was made by Ashoka the Great in the 3rd century. P

which is a famous religious place for Jain. Famous sun temple at Nalanda where all Hindu and Buddhist deities come to pray to the Lord Surya. Now we will discuss on the Rajgir tourist place where son bhandar caves artificial ancient caves. Venu van is garden and Buddhism culture are there. Saptaparni cave was a temple and it is also famous for Buddhism. Ajatshatru fort. Rajgir kund is famous for the lake.

Best places at gaya

Now we will discuss on Gaya tourism where dungeshwari it is famous in Buddhism temple and it’s history. Pind daan Gaya this is conducted by religious organization groups at Gaya.

Now we will discuss on Madhubani. Baliraj Garh pond is famous places at Madhubani where everyone wants to visit that place. Navlakha temple is a famous temple at Madhubani. Kapileshwar temple is a famous Hindu temple. Madhubani district is famous for its arts and crafts.

Famous dishes:- Bihar famous dishes is litti-chokha. Litti made with gram flour filled in the dough and cook on the fire then dip the dry litti into butter. Chana ghughni this is also prepared by black chickpea fried in a pan and then give gravy in it.

And Bihari kabab and Bihari boti which is also famous in Bihar. Sattu paratha this is also very famous dishes in Bihar, sattu stands for (roasted gram flour) filled in parathas. And the jalebi is famous sweets in it.


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