Gujarat Best Place To Visit 2020

Temple New Temple Gujarat God
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Gujarat Best Place To Visit 2020

Maru Gujarat is the Westernmost part of India covered with the Arabian Sea at the west. These states have a lot of places where persons may visit, as we know mahatma Gandhi belonged to Gujarat.

His non-violence messages followed by the entire world. Here culture and tradition based on simple living and high thinking. If you observe that people of Gujarat wear very simple as their food like dhokla, khandvi etc.

But as we know that in India, a famous businessman arises from Gujarat. Like Jamshed Ji Tata, Naval Tata (who was the father of Ratan Tata), Dhiru Bhai Ambani.

Visiting place:-

Gir national park, Ahmedabad, vadodhara, rann of Kutch, dwarka, Surat, junagadh, Rajkot, jamnagar.
One by one we will discuss each segment of the diagram.

Temple New Temple Gujarat God
thakorarajan286 / Pixabay

Starting with Gir national park which is famous for the Asiatic lion the national park opens from October to June. Where jungle safari is available with lovable flora and fauna around the entire park.

Lion roars in the park will create an adrenaline rush in your brain. Travellers experience is that the best time to visit Gir national park is in summer season when lions come out.

And one more thing is that in the Gir national park vehicle fare is almost 600. But some private brokers take more so, choose government vehicle for safari.


Also known as the largest city of state Gujarat. And it was the former capital city of Gujarat before the Gandhinagar. Sabarmati river flow through the central region of the Ahmedabad.

Vadodra which is situated at the bank of vishwamitri river. R

of Kutch one of the largest salt desert in the world. And is famous salt Marshland and the attached to that desert.

Famous dishes:-

Dhokla is most common dishes available in Gujarat. Made with fermented rice and chickpea make the batter and then steam then dishes are ready. Nutritional value of dhokla becomes very high.

Traditional wear:-

Kediyu, dhoti, Ghaghara chilli, saree are the traditional clothes of Gujarat.


International kite festivals which will starts in this January from 7-14th January better known as uttarayan. This is world-famous festivals in India. Navaratri is another famous festivals celebrate each year by the people of Gujarat.

Folk dance:-

Garba is the folk dance of Gujarat at Navaratri where all nine looks of goddess Durga. By this way playing the goddess Durga subjects. While styles of Garba are different or may vary from place to place.


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