Kerala land of ECO-Tourism

Idukki Kerala St Nature Growth
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Kerala land of Eco-Tourism

Kerala is one of the Indian states which is situated at the southernmost part of the Indian country. it is Located at Indian tropical Malabar coast has spread nearly 600km at the shoreline of Kerala. There is 14 district in it. The total area is about 38,883km square. And Palakkad is the largest district of it. It’s famous for its backwater and ecotourism to the states. It has a very unique culture and tradition and various demographic region.

Idukki Kerala St Nature Growth
bhanukhan / Pixabay

Visiting place:-

Kerala tourism has mesmerizing beauty of nature and the backwater land and their ecosystem. So foreigners attraction towards Kerala maintains each year. Their a lot of place individual should visit there. Munnar
It is famous for the ecosystem, landscapes and the flora and fauna of the Munnar. And some famous places at Munnar are Eravikulam park located at the Idukki district of Kerala. To protect the endangered species Nilgiri tahr park established at Idukki district. The entry fee is about 125rupees per person at the Eravikulam. Another is nalla than tea museum.
Backwater cruises and the
Alappuzha beach.
Famous for the beaches, cliffs and landscapes and famous for the ayurvedic massage. You wouldn’t miss the chance to sight the sunset view.


Located 16km away from the city Trivandrum. There are 3 beaches at the Kovalam the largest one is lighthouse beach.
As we know that Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. Which holds area is about 214km square. Sree padmanavaswa is a monumental shrine to Lord Vishnu. Napier museum is another kind of historical artefacts and it has a unique value.

Famous dishes:-

Which are a vegetarian traditional dishes of Kerala?
Another is puttu with kadala curry is the most famous dishes in Kerala.
Eat appam with vegetable stew or some sauces. Appam is staple breakfast at Kerala.
Usually served with various side dishes like peas curry vegetable kurma.
Nadan kozhi varuthathu
One of the chicken spicy dishes.

Traditional wear:-

Mundu is one of the traditional wear of it. Which worn at the lower portion of the body from waist to the knee or toe. It is white in colour and worn by both man and women. Other famous garments is lungi which is worn by Keralites.


Onam is celebrating at the harvest festival in Kerala. Festivals generally celebrate in August or the September and spreading over almost 10days. Draw flower rangoli called pookkalam, believers bath, offer prayer, participate in dance. Onam sadya is the feast in which consists of 26 dishes and is served during the Onam festivals.
One of the famous festivals in Kerala.
Vishnu, Easter Sunday, Ramadan

Folk dance:-

Kaliyottam, mudiyettu, kolam, thullal, kolkali, poorakkali, vellakali etc are the famous folk dances at Kerala.


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