Maru Gujarat Fashion in 2020

Maru Gujarat Fashion in 2020
ApertureWorks / Pixabay

Fashion style of maru Gujarat

Maru Gujarat has own very rich cultural aspects we shouldn’t forget all these things. Our beauty of the culture also can easily identify withdrawing and colourful painting. Also, many poets summarize the beauty of the lady in Ghaghra and pick the waterpot on her head. As we can see, all these things show the beauty of maru Gujarat.

Maru Gujarat Fashion in 2020
ApertureWorks / Pixabay

DIY Fashion

As we know that the meaning of DIY is “do it yourself” nowadays it is famous among all ages. Not only teenagers or women but men also draw craft and design with their keen interest. It is actually the best possible way to enhance the beauty. Basically, we get our favorite design or craft at a very low cost. When we backpack for travel or tourism generally, we choose to DIY our clothes, duffle bags, shoes and many more by the DIY. We can also try to increase the space of the travel bag. And holding more products in a bag with some DIY ideas. This ‘do it yourself’ craft idea occupy by worldwide actually means it is a way of creating things. And repairing with some innovative ideas of yourself without any professionals.

Shoes Fashion

There are a lot of shoes present in the market nowadays. Some examples are like – normal boots, ankle boots, sports shoes, Court shoes, pointed shoes, formal shoes, etc. According to our choice, we should choose them for our individual functions and party. Generally, we choose a new modern style of fashion or the latest fashion style for our shoes. But we should also try to wear some classical and vintage style too. We can also use DIY on our shoes by painting and crafting on the shoes. We also tie lashes of the shoes in different styles. By which the looks of the shoes will look attractive. We prefer that we should apply DIY on the shoes by which their looks will be more attractive.

T-shirt Fashion

Our Gujarat traditions are based on Khadi vastra in which we follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi but nowadays western product and style are spreading in our state. Our culture is very rich around the world. As we saw that our modern generation choose to wear western dresses. Due to western colour, modern looks and they’re some innovative ideas. We should understand all aspects of Western product and their qualities and what is the best of that. We should take initiative to develop an Indian brand with more design and more special looks. which will be based on our culture and enhance the beauty of our culture and the country. By which our next generation will able to understand the beauty of our culture.

Conclusion Maru Gujarat Fashion

In the above description, we discuss the fashion style of our Gujarat. As we know that our very rich culture among all things. We should understand our culture and traditions and follow them in the new style in a new design with cultural aspects of art and craft. Where on all the fashionable things we can do DIY and encourage the beauty of our culture, our Gujarat and the beauty of our country. We should show the beauty of our Unity with our fashion style.


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