Maru Gujarat Sweets in 2020

maru gujarat sweets in 2020
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Maru Gujarat Sweets and Dessert

If you travel Maru Gujarat without tasting their sweets. Then your tour is incomplete let’s try some dessert of Gujarat. One thing is noticeable that all sweets and the dishes of Gujarat are under budget. Anyone can prepare these sweets in their home, generally Gujarati sweets preparing from the basic grains. There is a list of sweets and desserts famous in Gujarat.

maru gujarat sweets in 2020
Lolame / Pixabay

Maru Gujarat Sweets are as follows:-
1. Basundi
2. Dudhpak
3. Shrikhand
4. Lapsi
5. Gughra
6. Malpua
7. Suterfeni


Basundi is generally made from the whole milk. We will know that each and every single step to prepare basundi. At first take, pure milk put the milk on the gas stove, keep the flame at a certain level which should be at a medium stage. Wait till the liquid milk reduced and convert to the semi-solid. After the semi-solid going form then mixes saffron and the cardamom and add pistachios and mix well. Then after the basundi getting cool then serve it into small pitcher pot.


Dudh Pak generally made from the rice and the milk, rice pudding in the milk and garnish with the cashew, saffron, almonds, almonds, walnut, and many other dry fruits available in the market. Dry fruit crunchiness shows its own taste. On the other side, the softness of the milk and the pudding rice will open all the taste buds in your tongue. In the winter season, these dishes are much more famous in Gujarat.


To preparing this shrikhand at first, you should prepare hung curd. To preparing the hung curd the steps are following.

Take the curd in a net cloth and remove all water from the curd. Make sure water should be removed totally then mash the whole curd in the clothes. The presence of water should be negligible in that. Now your hung curd is ready now we will move on the second steps. In this second step, we will know to prepare the whole Shrikhand in easy and simple steps.
Prepare kesar liquid and you can also add another flavour in the shrikhand. But now put the Kesar paste in the hung curd. Then add dry fruits in that, mash on it, keep in mind that mashing should be properly. And then add cardamom powder on the shrikhand. Now your delicious shrikhand is ready for you, shrikhand is better to consume in summer.


If you like cardamom then lapsi will be a better choice for you. It is generally prepared from jaggery, wheat, turmeric, fennel seed, ghee, saffron, and crushed garnished dry fruits. In Gujarat generally, it consumed as a perfect meal by the Gujaratians. The flavour of fennel seed and the cardamom generally increases the flavour of this dish. Gujarat’s people love these dishes more and in winter this is more famous than the summer. Serve this dish with a spoonful of ghee when the lapsi absorb the spoonful ghee then the real taste of lapsi comes out. So, let’s try at once.


Ghughra is a famous dish generally at the time of Holi without the Ghughra taste of Holi becomes incomplete. It is generally made from the mawa, maida, ghee and adds some dry fruits into the mawa. And the thin coat of the maida which absorb the ghee into the upper coat. And create crispy taste and the mawa leave there memorable taste by which you never forget this taste. For the decoration of these sweets, you can use the silver foil for the upper layer of the ghughra.


The serving of Malpua with basundi is one of the favourite dishes of Gujarati people in sweets. Generally, Malpua is a pancake of the Indian dishes. After dipping in sugar syrup at the above of the Malpua garnishing of almond and pasta and some Kesar your Malpua is ready now.


Suter stands for thread and feni for fine, means of suterfeni is a fine thread. Generally, it is made from the roasted rice with sugar syrup then make a dough-like combination. After that prepare cotton candy from that, basically, the colour of suterfeni becomes white. But the colour of suterfeni sometimes looking yellow the yellow colour happens due to the kesar presence. After the making of cotton candy from the process, then a white round thread like combination will be ready. And for the garnishing cut cashew, almond, and pistachio from the above of the superfine. Now, this sweet is ready for your meal.

Conclusion Maru Gujarat Sweets

As we know that our culture is diverse. As well as our sweet and dishes are also diverse. There are a lot of sweets and their speciality in Gujarat. Basically all the sweets are preparing easily by anyone and you can prepare with a simple budget.


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