Tamil Nadu Best South Indian culture Experience 2020

Shiva Lord Shiva God Shiva Isha
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Tamil Nadu Best South Indian culture Experience 2020

Tamil Nadu is the southernmost part of India lies at the peninsula of India covered with the eastern side of the Bay of Bengal. The Indian Ocean at South and Arabian sea at west directions. The area of Tamil Nadu is 130,060sq Km.

Shiva Lord Shiva God Shiva Isha  in Tamil Nadu
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10th largest Indian state in area and famed for its Dravidian style Hindu temple. In Madurai, Meenakshi Amman Temple has high ‘gopuram’ tower ornament. There are a lot of things at Tamil Nadu


Visiting place:-

Meenakshi Amman temple

Historic Hindu temple located on the entrance of the sundareswarar shrine and the central portion of the goddess Meenakshi.

Shore temple

Situated on the banks of Bay of Bengal at Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu.

Brihadeeswara temple

Called rajarajesvaram is a Hindu Shiva temple. Located at the south bank of Kaveri river at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. It is one of the largest south Indian temple and example of complex Dravidian architecture temple.

Nilgiri mountain rail

This Nilgiri mountain is operated by southern railways and this is only railway rack in India. This is located at Ooty.

Arulmigu kapaleeswarar

Located at Mylapore in Chennai city. There are six daily puja services Kala Santhi in the morning, uchchikala at noon, sayamkala at evening and ardhajama at night. Where temple of Shiva made in Dravidian style.

Pancha rathas

Pancha rathas is a monumental site at the Mahabalipuram on the coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal. Historic temples sculpted like chariot located at Mamallapuram, Kanchipuram Tamil Nadu.

Famous dishes:-

Idli is prepared from the steam rice cake originated from the indian subcontinent and taken as a breakfast food by south indian.
Sambhar stands for lentil stew
Chicken chettinad
Dosa is a famous south Indian dish. A thin batter of rice cooked and served.
Crisp deep-fried made of lentil.
It is actually panned cakes with lentil and served as south indian breakfast.
Bonda is a type of snacks in Tamil Nadu.
It is a type of soup. And a full of veg gravy served as a veggie.

Traditional wear:-

Dhoti with angavastram and a shirt for the men. Have you noticed that Tamil man travels in a metro or any public places with his traditional dress?

Tamil people is famous for their culture and rituals. Traditional saree and blouse for women. And lungi is one of the famous traditional wear from Tamil Nadu.


Tamil New year’s
Mahamagham festival
Hindu festival celebrated every 12 years maha maha tank is located at Tamil Nadu. Date of celebrated this festival was 22nd February 2016. these festivals will come in 2028.

Folk dances:-

Bharat Natyam is the major dance forms of Tamil Nadu it includes nritta which is a pure dance form. Nritya a solo expressive dance. Natya which group dramatic dance.
There are some steps which are related to Bharat Natyam Mayil attam, kummi, karakattam, kavadi attam.


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