West Bengal Best Place To Visit 2020

Chau Mask Purulia West Bengal India
arijit_das_photography / Pixabay

West Bengal Best Place To Visit 2020

about of West Bengal:-

West Bengal is a part of eastern India lies in the middle of the Himalaya and the bay of Bengal. The capital city of this state Kolkata there is 23 district in West Bengal. People relate from the Bengal is generally called as Bengali and here history is very old. Kolkata was the former capital of India that’s the place where British came through the waterway and started to rule.

Chau Mask Purulia West Bengal India
arijit_das_photography / Pixabay

Visiting a place of West Bengal:-

Darjeeling Himalayan
Famous for their natural beauty and this is very popular hill stations in India. Steam engine rail is famous here from the 1800AD.
Victoria memorial
This is a great museum and Indian art galleries and this is named on the British queen.
Tiger hill
It’s very famous hills stations and their sunrise views are very famous and their calmness effects on anyone’s soul.
Howrah bridge
This is one of India’s famous architectural sites. Howrah bridge is connecting links between the city Howrah and Kolkata. The length of the Howrah bridge is 705m.
Sundarban national park
This is famous for the national park, tiger reserve and the biosphere of that place.

Famous dishes of West Bengal:-

It is Indian syrupy dessert made with semolina dough and the then put it on the syrup.
Misti Doi,
Misti Doi is famous among the Bengali sweet fresh yoghurt.
Famous food at Bengal manufacturing from the maida and deep-fried in ghee(butter).
Dal is famous and generally known as pulses.
machher jhol,
Traditional spicy fish in gravy.
The flesh which is eaten by most of the Bengalis.
Known as vegetables.
It is famous Bengali sweets generally light orange colour and filled mawa in it or with the coconut garnishment.

The traditional wear of West Bengal:-

As we know that it’s also a rich cultural heritage. Art, painting, music, cuisine, literature and many more things. Where men wear kurta women wear saree with six-yard of saree. Dhakai jamdani is one of the Dhaka special saree and famous among the Bengali’s. Koral and grad saree are also famous among the women of Bengal.

Festivals of West Bengal:-

Durga puja,
Also known as durgotsav where ceremonial worship of goddess Durga.
Kali Pooja
Kali Pooja also known as mahanisha Pooja.

Shyama Pooja and famous in Bengali rituals.
These are two very famous festivals in West Bengal.

Folk dance of West Bengal:-

Chou is one of the dancing styles occupied by Bengalis. Another is rava dance is the type of dance style famous in among Bengali. Jatra is another one form of dancing style occupied by the Bengal.

Sweets of West Bengal:-

Lobongo Latika
Is one of the famous sweets for Bengali in which a clove is must uses.
Spongy soft sphere semolina dipped into the sugary syrup.
Bhapa Doi
Is garnished with almond and very tasteful.
Malai Chom-Chom
Lovely orange coloured salmony filled with mawa in that and uses Kesar and garnished with dry fruits.


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