A Comparison Of The Legendary Indian Cricketers Ms Dhoni And Rohit Sharma

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Both these amazing players have proven themselves as successful cricketers. To start with, during the inaugural Cricket World T20 tournament held in South Africa in 2007, Dhoni was appointed India captain marking his leadership journey.

From 2008 to 2014, he led the team as captain, achieving remarkable success. Dhoni’s captaincy was highlighted by his victories in major cricket competitions, including the 50-overs World Cup and the World Twenty20 Championship 2007.

On the other hand, with an exceptional track record as the captain of the Indian T20 team, Sharma has secured five championships while leading the franchise and considering their exceptional contributions.

Who is a better batsman, Dhoni or Rohit?

Research by online cricket betting Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni enjoy a massive fan following and are considered among the best cricket players in the Indian national squad. When comparing their batting records, the following observations can be made:

Despite Dhoni having played more games than Rohit in Test matches, Rohit holds a better batting average. Their overall performance in Tests remains on par.

In ODI’s, Dhoni’s average is great, with many not outs (84), while Rohit has 32. Rohit’s ODI records are slightly superior to those of Dhoni

In T20 Internationals, Dhoni holds a better strike rate than Rohit, despite Rohit having more opening knocks. Once again, the two players are evenly matched in this aspect.

Considering their records in ODIs and T20Is, Rohit emerges as a better batsman than Dhoni. His superior performances in these formats highlight his batting prowess and contribute to his claim as one of the top cricketers in the Indian squad.

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Here are the cricket stats of MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma in all the cricket formats:

Test Matches

Rohit has the second-best Test debut score and is the first Indian to reach two centuries in his maiden Test as an opener. He is the third Indian cricketer in the first two tests to hit successive centuries.

Player Test Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike rate 50s 100s
Dhoni 90 4876 224 38.10 59.10 33 6
Rohit 49 3379 212 45.7 55.90 14 9

ODI Format

Here is a comprehensive analysis of the One Day International careers of both MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma. With these stats, it becomes evident that Rohit Sharma holds a slight edge over Dhoni regarding statistics in ODI matches.

Player ODI Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike rate 50s 100s
Dhoni 350 10773 183* 50.06 87.60 73 10
Rohit 243 9825 264 48.60 90.0 48 30

T20 Stats Analysis

Regarding the T20 format, MS Dhoni showcased exemplary leadership skills by guiding India to victory in 41 out of 72 T20 matches under his captaincy.

On the other hand, Rohit Sharma has established himself as India’s second-highest run-scorer in T20 cricket. Both players have significantly contributed to the T20 format, highlighting their importance and impact on the team.

Player T20 Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike rate 50s 100s
Dhoni 98 1617 56 37.60 126.10 2 0
Rohit 148 3853 118 31.30 139.20 29 4

Who is the better IPL captain? Dhoni or Rohit

As a captain, Dhoni has consistently showcased exceptional leadership skills and strategic acumen throughout his IPL career. His remarkable win percentage of 58.96 in the 213 matches has led to a testament to his ability to steer his team to success.

Similarly, Rohit Sharma has also made his mark as a captain in the IPL leading the Mumbai Indians in 143 matches. He ranks just behind Dhoni. Rohit’s consistent performance has been instrumental in the team’s achievements in the tournament.

Here are the IPL stats comparison of Dhoni and Rohit:

Player IPL Matches Runs Highest Score Average Strike rate 50s 100s
Dhoni 247 5076 84* 39.30 136.0 24 0
Rohit 240 6136 109* 29.60 129.90 41 1

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As per the info on the IndiaTV news, Virender Sehwag, a former India player, recently shared his opinion on the best Indian Premier League (IPL) captain, choosing Rohit Sharma of the MI and MS Dhoni of the CSK.

Sehwag based his selection on the number of trophies their respective franchises have won in the last 15 years. With five IPL trophies, MI are the most successful team, while CSK has secured four titles, placing them in second position.

Sehwag’s reasoning emphasises the teams’ success under the leadership of Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni. However, another former India cricketer, Harbhajan Singh, held a contrasting viewpoint.

Harbhajan expressed his vote for Dhoni, praising his unwavering commitment to a single franchise since the inception of the IPL. Dhoni’s role in his team’s success and his exceptional captaincy skills were key factors in Harbhajan’s choice.

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