Advanced Trading Techniques: Leveraging Listed Options In North Africa

Trading in North Africa has seen rapid growth and evolution over the past decades, mainly due to the increasing access to technology, digital assets, and financial services. Options trading is becoming increasingly popular among North African traders, allowing them to leverage their existing investment portfolio by taking advantage of different market conditions.

With listed options, traders can potentially capitalise on short-term price movements and hedge against potential losses. This article looks at several advanced trading techniques that allow investors to benefit from leveraging listed options in North Africa.

Put spreads

Put spreads are an advanced trading technique involving taking long and short positions in the same underlying asset. It allows the trader to benefit from any downward price movements of that particular asset while limiting their downside risk.

The main advantage of put spreads is that they can effectively manage volatility, so traders can take advantage of market swings without holding an extensive portfolio of stocks.

Traders also benefit from not paying margin fees, as the spread will automatically close when the underlying stock reaches a predetermined price point. This article looks at several advanced trading techniques that allow investors to benefit from leveraging listed options in North Africa. To better execute them, use a trading performance reporting software to keep track of your portfolio and use the automatic performance reports to discover new investment opportunities.

Call spreads

Call spreads are another popular option for North African traders who want to use leverage with listed options. This strategy involves buying one call option and selling another with the same expiration date but a different strike price.

With this position, traders can benefit from any upside movement in the underlying asset’s price while limiting their potential losses from any downward movements. It is important to note that call spreads also require careful monitoring and management of risk associated with each trade and an understanding of market conditions for optimal results.

Additionally, this technique allows traders to benefit from the time decay of the option premiums.


Put-write is an advanced trading technique used to leverage listed options by using put options to generate income while simultaneously hedging against downside risk. This strategy involves buying a specified amount of stock and then writing a put option on those shares with a lower strike price and a higher premium. The income generated from the premium is then used to offset potential losses in the event of adverse price movements. Put-write strategies are helpful for North African traders wanting higher returns and a lower risk profile than buying stocks outright.

Covered calls

Covered calls allow investors to potentially maximise their income from listed options by writing call options against existing stock positions. This strategy can be used by buying a stock and then selling a call option for those stocks, but at a higher strike price, while accepting a lower premium. The main advantage of covered calls is that traders can capture some of the premium associated with the call option while still retaining ownership of the underlying asset until expiration.

This technique can be helpful for North African traders looking to generate additional income while also managing their risk profile.


Collars are an advanced trading technique to hedge against potential losses in adverse price movements. This strategy involves buying a put option and writing a call option with the same expiration date but different strike prices.

The main benefit of this strategy is that it allows traders to protect their portfolios from downside risk while still allowing them to benefit from any upside movements in the underlying asset’s price.

Collars can be helpful for North African investors who want to take advantage of listed options without exposing themselves to too much risk. Additionally, traders need to be aware of the costs associated with this strategy, such as premiums and other transaction fees.


Straddles are a popular trading technique North African traders use to benefit from volatility. This strategy involves buying both calls and puts with the same strike price and expiration date.

The advantage of this position is that it allows traders to profit from either upward or downward price movements in the underlying asset without any directional bias. Straddles also allow investors to increase their returns when the underlying stock moves significantly higher or lower than the predetermined levels, making them ideal for traders looking for high-risk, high-return opportunities.

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