Can You Win Real Money on Online Games

Since its launch, WPT has been the leading poker community. The online platform has enabled fans to take the game to a new level by playing for real winnings.

You can play WPT online for real money if you are not banned from online gambling in participating states. Playing games that win real money comes at a cost, and each casino site offers players a special bonus with the ability to process poker deposits. To be eligible for the real money prices, you must pay a monthly subscription fee.

Read on to learn more about winning real money on WPT poker online.

WPT Poker Real Money Eligibility

The WPT poker tournament is real, and your state laws determine the eligibility to win real money. Since the tournaments also operate on sweepstake rules, you can only participate if your territory is eligible. As an eligible member, you will be listed in a prize pool of an average of $100,000 with no purchase.

Real Money Bonuses You Can Win On WPT Online Poker Tournament

Playing in the WPT poker tournament qualifies you for the following prizes:

The Majors Prize

The Sunday Majors include the following:

  • $110 Sunday slam with a $50,000 guarantee
  • $330 Grand slam with $20,000 weekly guarantee
  • $11 mini slam with $8888 guarantee

If you win all the above majors within a month’s period, you will become a Triple Crown champion and get a $100,000 jackpot.

The Leaderboards Prize

The leaderboards prize features a daily update, making it easy to track progress. You have two chances of winning, including the Main and High Roller Leaderboard. If you make it among the top 100 players on the Main Leaderboard for entries under $27 and the top 5 on the High Roller Leaderboard for entries above $27, you will earn cash payouts and tournament tickets, allowing you to play the following week’s tournaments for free.

You can also earn a Sunday Slam ticket by depositing it in your WPT account. A new registration will earn two times $5 Slam Satellite tournament tickets, and the subsequent deposits will earn up to $11 Mini Slam ticket per deposit.

WPT Prime Passport

If you earn the highest Main and High Roller Leaderboard points combined, you will receive a $1,500 Prime Passport award through the WPT online Prime Leadership.

How Do I Claim My Money

Claiming your real money on WPT poker online requires proof of eligibility. The eligibility details include your name, proof of identity, and residence. You can use documentation like a US driver’s license, valid passport, and state identification card to prove your details.

If you get a deposit bonus, you can place a claim on WPT online. WPT online will unlock your bonus in $5 increments to the cashier for each $20 contribution in rake through cash games or tournaments.

Win Real Money With WPT Online

Eligible members can get up to $100,000 real money on WPT online, but this is subject to meeting eligibility requirements. Upon proving your residence, age, and identity, you will also enjoy sign-up and regular bonuses that you can claim on the site.

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