Captivating TV Shows Starring Cheng Yi: A Journey Through His Versatile Performances


In the realm of television entertainment, captivating performances and engaging storytelling are the cornerstones of a memorable viewing experience. One actor who has been making waves with his versatile roles and exceptional talent is Cheng Yi. With his magnetic presence and the ability to immerse himself in a variety of characters, Cheng Yi has become a sought-after name in the world of Chinese TV dramas. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the remarkable TV shows featuring Cheng Yi that have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

1. “The Legend of Haolan” (2019)

Cheng Yi’s breakthrough role came in the historical drama “The Legend of Haolan.” Portraying the role of Prince Jiao, he showcased his acting prowess and ability to portray complex emotions. His chemistry with co-star Wu Jinyan drew audiences into the intricate political and personal struggles of the characters, making it a compelling watch.

2. “Noble Aspirations” (2016)

In the fantasy wuxia drama “Noble Aspirations,” Cheng Yi played the role of Chi Yun, a young and skilled martial artist. The series allowed him to demonstrate his physical prowess and charisma while navigating a world of martial arts, romance, and supernatural elements.

3. “The Promise of Chang’an” (2020)

Cheng Yi’s versatility shone in “The Promise of Chang’an,” where he portrayed Emperor Shang of Tang. This historical drama presented him with a challenging role that demanded emotional depth and regal presence. Cheng Yi’s portrayal of a conflicted ruler navigating political intrigue and personal dilemmas was widely appreciated.

4. “Love and Redemption” (2020)

“Love and Redemption” showcased Cheng Yi’s talent for both action and romance. Playing the role of Yu Sifeng, a powerful cultivator, he captivated viewers with his portrayal of a character torn between his dark past and a chance at redemption through love.

5. “Dear Mayang Street” (2022)

In this heartwarming modern drama, Cheng Yi stepped into a contemporary setting to portray the role of Xu Youzhen, a diligent and caring neighborhood police officer. The series explored the lives and interactions of people living on Mayang Street, and Cheng Yi’s portrayal added a touch of warmth and relatability to the ensemble cast.


Cheng Yi’s journey through various TV shows is a testament to his acting range and dedication to his craft. From historical dramas to modern tales, he has showcased his ability to inhabit a wide array of characters and bring them to life on screen. Audiences around the world have been captivated by his performances, whether he’s portraying a conflicted ruler, a skilled martial artist, or a relatable neighborhood police officer.

As Cheng Yi continues to explore different roles and genres, his presence in the world of television promises to bring more depth, emotion, and entertainment to viewers. With each new project, he leaves an indelible mark and solidifies his position as a talented actor capable of evoking a wide spectrum of emotions.

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