Development Prospects for Storm International

Fans of gambling entertainment have long been familiar with the projects of Storm International. This is one of the top holdings on the global gambling market. The company was opened in the 20th century and now continues to delight its fans in the 21st. The amazing results that the brand demonstrates year after year make it possible not only to stay afloat but to remain the industry giant for many decades and make grandiose plans for the future.

2022 has been a really challenging year for Storm International. Most of the company’s complexes are located in Europe. Not so long ago, the holding launched several locations in Ukraine. The war and the recession in the economy had a detrimental effect on the brand as a whole. Under such conditions, the main factor that helped move the company forward was well-coordinated teamwork. The efforts of each employee of the company, without exception, were of high value, – said the director of Storm International, Darren Keane.

In a crisis, a close-knit team is an important component of any business. And Storm International is no exception. The holding team showed creativity and determination to overcome obstacles. The efforts were not in vain, today the company can be proud of its members and look to the future with confidence.

The Georgian unit showed excellent results. Shangri La Tbilisi once again received the title of the best gambling complex. The location is ready for further growth and prosperity. With such an attitude towards the business, the Georgian department of the company is not afraid of competitors. In 2023, Shangri La Tbilisi will continue to delight its customers in the premium segment of services. This establishment offers some of the country’s finest leisure experiences.

In 2022, a long-awaited event for Armenian players took place. In autumn, the elite complex Shangri La Yerevan opened its doors. The local team did a brilliant job, without which the opening of the complex would not have been possible. The professionalism of the employees of the branch deserves the highest marks, – said about Shangri La Darren Keane.

In the Ukrainian market, Storm International had to face great difficulties. Due to the current martial law in the country, gambling locations have completely stopped their work. However, a few months later, the management decided to open Shangri La Kyiv. The complex welcomes guests and continues to demonstrate the highest quality services.

2023 will definitely be the year of brand expansion in Germany. This became possible thanks to the successful activity and stable work of the German team of the company in 2022. Local units are incredibly popular, so new locations are planned to be opened.

Another line of business for Storm International is the gambling site Shangri La Live. In 2022, the gaming platform continued to develop and increase its popularity. This is confirmed by millions of satisfied users around the world. Clients of the site appreciated the new games, profitable types of bookmaker bets, as well as a wide variety of promotional offers for every taste.

Today, the gambling industry is undergoing huge changes. New directions and sections appear in it. Legislative norms and licensing conditions are being improved in different countries. Storm International looks to the future with hope. Major expansions and updates are planned.
Storm International is a global gaming and leisure company experienced in operating casinos, gaming clubs, and slot machines. Founded in 1992, the company has since developed an extensive portfolio of entertainment venues across Europe, Africa, and the CIS. Storm International enjoys a positive corporate track record in the gaming industry and is known for its highly professional management team and innovative approach to casino operation.

As the global gaming industry continues to evolve and expand, Storm International is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for affordable and accessible gaming experiences. The company’s ownership of a variety of entertainment venues across multiple countries ensures diversity in the types of gaming available to customers. Additionally, the firm is dedicated to continuously updating its extensive portfolio of venues as technological advancements become available, allowing Storm International to remain ahead of any potential competitor.

Storm International has already commenced an aggressive expansion strategy into new markets, with recent initiatives having focused on the CIS regions, including the opening of four additional casinos in Russia’s Kaliningrad Oblast in 2017. The firm has also plans to further expand its presence in the CIS through new projects starting in 2018.

In addition, Storm International has recently launched several contemporary marketing initiatives designed to attract a younger generation of customers. These strategies include the formation of an eSports division, featuring tournaments and competitions hosted in some of the company’s casinos. Additionally, the firm is engineering a series of augmented reality and virtual reality gaming experiences.

Overall, the prospects for Storm International’s future appear bright given the firm’s track record of success and its adaptation to modern trends and gadgets. With an aggressive expansion strategy into new markets already in motion, it is highly likely that Storm International will retain its prominent position in the global gaming industry.

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