Dgvcl Vidyut Sahayak Question Paper Leaked

The DGVCL Vidyut Sahayak recruitment process has been thrown into disarray after a question paper was leaked ahead of the exam. This news has caused shockwaves within the industry and raised questions about the security of the exam.

DGVCL Vidyut Sahayak Leak

The DGVCL Vidyut Sahayak question paper was leaked on the social media platform WhatsApp. The paper was quickly shared by many users, resulting in it being widely circulated. As a result, the exam was cancelled and a new date was set for the exam.

Exam Question Paper Exposed

The leaked question paper contains questions from the syllabus prescribed for the exam. The paper was made available to candidates in advance, which could have had a significant impact on the results of the exam.

The leak has raised serious questions about the security of the exam and the recruitment process. There have been calls for the authorities to take stringent measures to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future.

The leak of the DGVCL Vidyut Sahayak question paper has caused widespread outrage, with many calling for more stringent measures to be taken to ensure the security of the exam. It remains to be seen whether the authorities will take the necessary steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

At its core, cheating is unfortunately an unwelcome and common feature of the exam-taking process. Recently, the Vidyut Sahayak exam to recruit electrical engineers for DGVCL suffered an unfortunate incident of cheating. Reports indicate that the question paper for the examination was leaked prior to the beginning of the exam.

DGVCL is a power distribution company that serves over 3 million customers in the Indian state of Gujarat. Its Vidyut Sahayak exam is an opportunity to recruit electrical engineers for technical and non-technical positions.

Unfortunately, the Vidyut Sahayak examination has been tainted by reports that the question paper was leaked before the exam took place. The exam was scheduled to take place at seven locations on November 22, 2020. But news of the leak spread quickly and question paper were circulating on WhatsApp prior to the commencement of the exam.

Upon learning of the leak, the Commissionerate of Examination conducted a thorough investigation and the culprit behind the leak was discovered to be an employee at the center responsible for conducting the exam. The employee responsible was arrested and additional security measures were taken by the Commissionerate to prevent further leaks in the future.

The leaked question paper contained multiple objective questions with fixed-choice answers, as well as a few subjective questions.The Commissionerate has taken every step to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to identify and prevent cheating.

Candidates taking the Vidyut Sahayak exam have been assured that all measures have been taken to prevent further cheating and that the results will be independent of any cheating incidents. DGVCL has implemented a thorough and rigorous process for the selection of qualified candidates for the positions. Candidates are urged to continue to focus on preparation so that they are able to secure the best possible result.