Discover how to play parlay and how to calculate parlay in detail

Those who love the sport of kings as well as have a passion for LSM99 betting are no strangers to match types such as over/under, Asian, or European bets.

But gradually, the experienced players tend to move on to newer and more difficult challenges, which are nothing more than parlays.

But many players are probably still unfamiliar with this form, so in this article, Uganda betting site shares to explain as well as guide the most effective betting tips for new players.

What is a parlay bet?

Parley means that a player participates in predicting the results of many matches at the same time, which is called in English “mix parlay,” “multiple bet,” etc., i.e.,  when you guess all of these matches at the same time. win.

The advantage of this bet is that you do not have to spend too much capital and still have the ability to earn a lot of money, but the main disadvantage is that when you lose just one match in this series, you lose everything.

This is the double-edged sword of this game when players are attracted by its own profit and go all out, only to lose a match and be left empty-handed. So calling this bet a win or loss is completely reasonable.

Like parlay, parlay bets have 2, 3, etc. bets, and the longer the win, the larger the stake because the longer the skewer, the lower the odds.

And the parlay also has three categories for players to choose from, such as Asian, European, and over-under. The rules of the game are well known to everyone, so I will only talk about the odds when playing parlays of these types of games.

For over and under and Asian rafters

Over and under and Asian handicaps have the same complicated calculation, so they will have the same formula as follows:

  • If you guessed all the lines correctly, then odds = the product of the odds you bet.
  • For example, if you correctly guess that 1 parlay, 3 parlay, and 3 match odds are 2.88, 1.77, and 2.65, respectively, then when you win, you will eat money with the odds of 13.5.

But there are also cases where you win half, lose half, or tie, and then you just need to replace the following odds:

  • If there is a case of winning half the money, the odds will be = [(odds ratio-1)/2]+1
  • If there is a case where the bet loses half of the money, the odds will change to 1/2
  • If there is a tie, it will be replaced = 1

To take the most general example, a player with a 4-way bet will have all 4 cases: win all, win half the bet, lose half the bet, and draw as follows:

  • Place Bayern Munich and win it all with the house edge of 1.60
  • Place Chelsea and win half the bet, which will have a rate of 1.45
  • Put on Real Madrid, but Real lost half of the bet with the odds of 2.4, so the odds are always only 1/2
  • Place PSG and tie, so the odds are always 1

And so the winning rate when you place this bet is:

  • 60 x [(1.45-1)/2]+1 x1/2 x 1=0.98

For European bets

The European handicap has a much simpler calculation because it only has the result of winning, drawing, or losing and has the same formula for calculating the ratio as the Asian under or under bet if the guess is correct. That’s why parlay bets in the form of European rafters always attract more players when what players need to do is just predict.

How to calculate the most accurate football parlay bets

As mentioned above, parlay bets are a very difficult form to eat, and players must have a lot of experience when placing bets, because if you bet on the wrong result for one match, no matter how long the string is, it will return to you. round zero. So I will share with you some ways to play extremely effective parlays, as follows:

  • The prerequisite as well as the most important factor is to monitor the situation of the personnel force as well as the recent performance of the teams. In the lottery, all numbers are random, but in football betting, all numbers are random. All selections are grounded and justified.
  • Monitor carefully the fluctuations of the odds to see if the recent matches your chosen team has won or not (i.e., won the match but still can lose the bet or lost the match but still won the bet) or watch carefully the play of the team. That team is dedicated or cautious enough to be able to make a reasonable over/under bet.
  • You should only play short bets like 2, 3, and 4 at most, but not long bets because there may be a lot of risk when playing long pars and it is not possible to play many genres at the same time in the same match. .

Finally, it is important to choose a reputable bookmaker to not be fooled and get the best experience.

Above is all the extremely important information about parlay bets and instructions for calculating parlay odds. Hopefully, the useful information shared in the above article will help you easily win big when participating in online football betting.
Parlaying is an exciting and potentially lucrative way to bet on sports and other events. It involves combining multiple selections into one single bet, with the odds of each selection multiplied by one another. If all selections win, the bettor stands to win a larger return than if they had bet on each selection individually.

Calculating the potential returns of a parlay can be tricky for those who haven’t done it before. Thankfully, there are several online sites that will do the math for you. If you’d prefer to do the calculations yourself, read on to discover how to play and calculate parlay bets.

To begin, you must choose two or more selections for your parlay. These can be teams, moneylines, or multiple legs of a single selection. Be sure that the selections you choose are possible to win; your entire parlay will lose if any part of it fails.

Next, you must decide how much to bet on your parlay. Each sportsbook will have different maximum amounts for each parlay, so make sure to check the maximum that applies to your parlay selections.

Once you’ve chosen your selections and bet size, you can calculate the potential return of your parlay. To do this, multiply the decimal odds of each selection, making sure to convert any American odds if necessary. The resulting number will give you the return from the parlay should it win. For instance, if you bet $10 on a two-selection parlay at odds of 2.5 and 1.5 respectively, your return is 10 x 2.5 x 1.5 = $37.50.

Parlaying can be both profitable and exciting. If done right, it can lead to considerable returns. However, it can also be risky, as the entire bet is lost if any selection doesn’t win. With some knowledge and practice, betting on parlays can be a profitable endeavor.

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