Exploring the Latest Trends in Commercial Building Design 

Commercial building design has become a great way to showcase a business’s creativity. There are many ways to create a commercial building with interesting design choices to help it stand out amongst other commercial designs. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next commercial building, here are some of the latest design trends that you should explore.

Commercial Design Considerations

Before you jump into designing your next commercial building, there are a couple of things you should always consider in your designs. First, is the use of the building that you are designing. You’ll need to think about what the people and companies using that building will be doing every day.

If you are creating an office building, you’ll need to consider how natural light might play a part in the building design. The commercial building isn’t the only building that will be in the area either.

You must consider the other buildings in the area as well as any roads or walkways that must be accessible. The design of a commercial building should add to the area that it will be in rather than take away from it.

Your building design should also include the addition of safety precautions. Every area is going to be different and there are many ways to use design to mitigate damage from flooding, earthquakes, or other safety concerns. Once you understand the purpose of your building and where it will be, you can start getting inspiration from commercial design trends.


Adding sustainable elements to commercial design has been on the rise over the past couple of years. There are many ways to use sustainable materials in your designs. Commercial designers can consider using materials like concrete which help regulate building temperatures. Designers can also look into sourcing recycled materials and working with companies that specialize in sustainability.

Some sustainable materials can be more durable and last longer without as much maintenance which can lower the cost of repairs in the future. You can also consider eco-friendly lighting and interior design elements that can help keep electricity costs down once the building is complete.

Outdoor Space

Adding to the eco-friendly trend in commercial design, incorporating outdoor space has been a trend that is perpetually on the rise. Outdoor spaces are important for people who work in office buildings, retail, and larger industry settings. Since the pandemic, it’s more necessary to have access to fresh air.

Having outdoor spaces can also benefit the mental health of those who use commercial buildings, not to mention adding intriguing design elements to a project.

There are a couple of ways to incorporate outdoor space in commercial design. If the area you are designing for already has interesting natural elements, you can tap into those and expand upon them. If there is a lot of space around a commercial building, you can incorporate patio spaces and gardens. Most commercial buildings will not have that much extra space which means designers will have to get creative. This is where flexible outdoor spaces in the middle of buildings, on balconies or rooftops, come into play.

Flexible Work Spaces

Many people are more used to open floor plans and flexible work environments these days. Coming back from working from home, it can be optimal to have a flexible office space. When considering your commercial building design, there has been a trend to create spaces that can be changed throughout the workday. This includes creating areas to integrate more technology like smart whiteboards or high-tech conference rooms.

Commercial designers should also think of ways to create flexible spaces. You may consider installing movable walls or creating personal spaces for people to take phone calls in an open office floor plan. Partitions can be helpful in these designs to create more private spaces when needed. Making sure that you consider the tech and space needs of the commercial building you are designing can lead to more creativity and an overall interesting commercial space.

Communal Spaces

Gone are the days of office cubicles. Commercial designs have been leaning towards creating areas for people to congregate throughout the workday. When designing a new commercial building even if it’s a warehouse, it is more common to create communal spaces. This is true for apartment buildings and retail spaces as well. People are looking for larger spaces where they can meet with one another, host events, or just take a break throughout the day. Incorporating these spaces is a trend that doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.


Commercial building design trends are leaning toward the health and wellness of the people who will be spending time in the buildings. Commercial designers will want to make sure that they create designs that will benefit their clients. This means tapping into trends to create comfortable spaces for people complete with outdoor spaces. All while considering ways to make your buildings more sustainable so they can leave a good impression on the area they will be in for years to come.

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