How much are plus size wedding dresses?

India is home to diverse cultures, traditions, and customs; weddings play an integral role in Indian culture. Weddings mark an act of love and union as brides are at the center of attention on this special day of love and union. Finding her dream dress may prove challenging for plus size brides in particular; with the increasing availability of plus size wedding gowns however, the possibilities have expanded significantly. What worries a lot of brides or their parents is the cost of the wedding dress. 

Cost of wedding dresses varies widely depending on fabric, design and embellishments used; in India this may range anywhere between Rs. 20000-2 00000+ for plus size wedding dresses designed by Indian designers, depending on customization level required and designer chosen. Before we discuss costs in more depth let’s first explore types of plus size wedding dresses available here in India.

Types of Plus Size Wedding Dresses

An A-Line Wedding Dress

An A-line wedding dress is an elegant and classic option. Known by its “A” shape, this style makes a flattering silhouette for plus size brides as it emphasizes waist definition while still providing comfort.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

A ball gown wedding dress embodies glamor and elegance on any bride’s special day. Perfect for brides who wish to feel like royalty on this momentous occasion, the design features a fitted waist with flared-out full skirt for an impressive yet romantic effect.

Mermaid Wedding Dress 

A mermaid wedding dress features an intimate fit that hugs your body while emphasizing its curves, before flaring out at the bottom for maximum curve-hugging effect. It is an ideal style for plus size brides looking to show off their curves.

Sheath Wedding Dress

For brides looking for something simple yet sophisticated, a sheath wedding dress is an elegant and simplistic option that hugs the body before falling straight to the floor. Plus size brides looking for comfort are particularly fond of this style of gown.

Empire Wedding Dress 

An empire wedding dress features a high waistline that sits just beneath the bust for an effortless and comfortable silhouette, making this style ideal for plus size brides who wish to feel elegant yet comfortable during their big day.

Tea Length Wedding Dress

A tea-length wedding dress can be an eye-catching and quirky option, ideal for brides looking to show off their shoes. Plus size brides looking for an alternative and distinctive style may find this style more fitting.

Ladies plus size tops 

Women often complain about clothing that is too tight or too loose, but ladies plus size tops are designed to fit well and feel comfortable. They’re made to provide ample space for curvier figures and can help women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Cost of Plus Size Wedding Dresses in India

Budget-Friendly Wedding Dresses

Are You on a Budget for Your Big Day? No Worries

With so many budget-friendly plus size wedding dresses available in India for less than Rs. 20,000, budget brides don’t need to sacrifice style on their special day. Not every gown from designer labels may make you feel like royalty on your big day, but still gorgeous pieces exist that can help make you look like a million bucks on any wedding day.

Mid-Range Wedding Dresses

Those on a slightly higher budget can find gorgeous plus size wedding dresses at mid-range price points, from Rs. 50K-1lack. You may find popular designers here or opt for custom made designs – either way these dresses will surely leave an impression at any event.

Designer Wedding Dresses

If you want a designer wedding dress, expect to spend a considerable amount. Designer gowns typically range between Rs. 1.5 lakhs to Rs. 2.00 lakhs or even higher depending on factors such as designer, customization level needed and fabric type used; but investing in one can bring unforgettable quality and uniqueness.

Factors Affecting Plus Size Wedding Dress Prices

Fabric for Wedding Gowns

The material chosen to construct your gown can have a dramatic impact on its cost. High-end fabrics such as silk, satin and lace tend to be more costly than synthetic alternatives like polyester.


Aesthetically pleasing wedding dress designs also impact cost significantly, as intricate details require additional time and energy, leading to higher costs overall.


Embellishments such as beads, sequins and embroidery can have an enormous effect on the cost of wedding gowns; more embellishments mean more expenses incurred.


The cost of your dress will also depend upon its designer. Higher-end brands often charge a premium while lesser-known artisans may provide more cost-effective solutions.

Tips for Selecting and Acquiring Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Start early

It is wise to begin shopping for your wedding gown as early as possible, particularly if you are a plus size bride. Doing this will give you ample time to locate and alter any necessary dresses before your special day arrives.


Consider having your wedding gown designed and customized according to your exact specifications for an ideal fit and feel. This way, your dress can fit you like a glove and meet all of your desired specifications.

Be open-minded

Keep an open mind when searching for wedding gowns. Try on various styles and designs until you find what works for you best.

Shop at plus-size boutiques

When looking for plus-size wedding dresses, consider going shopping at boutiques that specialize in plus size options – these will have more selection and will better equip you to find your ideal gown.

Do not compromise on quality 

Make an investment in a high-quality wedding dress; investing in this purchase will last a lifetime and be sure to bring you joy on your special day.


Plus size wedding dresses have never been more accessible in India, with an extensive range of options readily available to buyers. Cost can range from budget-friendly to designer options depending on fabric type and designer – with price varying depending on fabric design, embellishment details and customization needs. It is essential that brides-to-be begin shopping early for their perfect gown that fits them perfectly; don’t be intimidated to try on different styles and designs before committing to your once in a lifetime wedding dress.