How to Clean Every Room of Your Rental 

Cleaning a rental property can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time renter or live alone. Either way, breaking down your cleaning responsibilities room by room should help you more easily understand what is expected of you as a renter and what the best ways are to keep your rental property clean. 


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Don’t you want to keep your home’s heart clean? Start by taking out the trash frequently and removing any spoiled food from your fridge, as these things can start to stink up your space and invite germs or mold. Each time you cook or prepare food, quickly wipe down your countertops and stove with Lysol or another antibacterial cleaning product. You should always keep the spaces where you prepare food clean, so stay on top of this responsibility as best you can. 

Try not to let dirty dishes pile up in your sink. If you have a dishwasher, unload clean dishes frequently to make room for dirty ones and keep your sink clear. If not, take just a few minutes after dinner each night to clean the dishes from that day. You’ll thank yourself for it the next morning when you wake up to a clean kitchen. 

Every once in a while, dust above your fridge and on top of your cabinets if possible. You’d be surprised how dusty it gets up there! 


The bathroom is probably the room you dread cleaning. However, it’s also one of the rooms that needs to be cleaned the most, so arm yourself with antibacterial spray and a toilet brush and get to work.

Wipe down the sink and tub with a cleaning agent of your choice. Hair and other debris tend to get trapped in the drain, so make sure you clear that when you see it. 

To clean the toilet, use a toilet brush and bleach. For a deeper clean, drop in a tank cleaner to disinfect and deodorize each time the toilet is flushed. 

To prevent mildew accumulation, open any windows you can while showering and make sure you turn on the exhaust fan to keep the air circulating. It can also be helpful to keep a squeegee nearby so you can wipe down your shower every couple of weeks and get rid of any potential buildup. 


Cleaning your bedroom is more a matter of prevention rather than deep cleaning, though of course you should deep clean as you see necessary. 

If you suffer from dust allergies, making your bed each day is a good way to keep any dust or debris particles from bothering you as you sleep, since the comforter will protect the sheets while the bed is made. Also, keep the floor clear by cleaning up and organizing for a few minutes before you go to bed. It’s easy to sleep soundly when you know your space is clean and tidy. Being able to always see your floor also makes it easier to tell when it’s time to vacuum or mop. 

Dust the furniture in your room every week or so, paying close attention to the top of your ceiling fan or windowsills. Light fixtures are also a great place for dust to hide, so check those out as well. 

Living Room 

Weekly, you should vacuum or mop the flooring in your living room and dust on top of furniture items like TVs or fireplace mantles. Disinfect any area that you may eat food on (since we are all guilty of occasionally eating dinner on our coffee tables while we binge a show) and use a glass cleaner like Windex to get rid of any window smudges as necessary.

Every once in a while, you should vacuum any upholstered furniture to get rid of any accumulated crumbs or dirt. Fluff up your couch cushions and pillows to make it look more put-together, and make sure you vacuum behind them before you put them back.


Although maintaining a clean unit is a part of your tenant cleaning responsibilities, try not to look at it as a chore. Keeping your environment clean is a great way to reduce stress and can even be therapeutic for some people. Of course, the cleaner and more well-kept your apartment is, the better chance you have at getting your security deposit back, so that’s a big bonus as well. 

To keep things manageable, keep a checklist of your weekly responsibilities and check items off as you can. Or, if you’d prefer to set aside an hour or so a week to do all of it at once, feel free. Whatever cleaning schedule works best for you also works best for the wellbeing of your property. Hopefully the tips above will make it easier to get cleaning today. 
Sometimes renting out an apartment or home can be a daunting task. After all, you’re responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of the space you’re renting. That means making sure each room is clean and inviting for yourself, as well as any potential renters. But with the right techniques, cleaning every room of your rental doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are some tips for getting the job done in no time.

Start in the Kitchen. The kitchen is often the dirtiest room in any household. Make sure to begin your cleaning process here by tackling the stove and cooking range. Start by unplugging the stove and then use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe off the surfaces. If there are grease and food spills, use an oven cleaner to get them cleaned up. Next, clean the cabinets by taking out the items inside and wiping them down with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to check for mold on the shelves. Lastly, make sure to mop the floors and wipe down the walls.

Move to the Bedroom. The bedroom is the next room to tackle. Begin by stripping the bed and washing the sheets and linens. Next, get to work dusting the surfaces, shelves, and the headboard of the bed. Vacuum and mop the floors. Make sure to pay special attention to fancy décor that may require polishing. Give a good wipe down to the windows and door frames. Finally, spray fabric refreshers to make the room smell fresh and inviting.

Clean the Living Room. This is the room where most of your renters will spend the majority of their time, so it needs to shine. Vacuum and mop the floors. Get rid of any cobwebs and wipe down all accessible surfaces. Dust the blinds and furniture, making sure to pay attention to light fixtures. Vacuum the couches and chairs if necessary. Give the windows a good clean and make sure to check the air conditioning filters.

Don’t Forget the Bathroom. Last but not least, it’s time to tackle the bathroom. Start by wiping down the sink, tub, and toilet. Scrub off any hard water stains or soap residue. Disinfect the toilet bowl and make sure to get behind the flush handle. Clean the areas around the mirror and tiles. Lastly, mop the floor and sweep the corners and behind the toilet.

Cleaning every room of your rental doesn’t have to be stressful. A little bit of time and effort can help ensure that your rental is sparkling clean and ready for renters to move in. Start with the kitchen, tackle the bedroom, clean the living room, and don’t forget the bathroom. Follow these tips to make sure your rental looks as good as new!

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