How to Set Up a Great Summer Sleep Routine?

Summer time is a confusing time. You want happy summer days but you don’t want the excessive heat. And guess what that heat does to you? Makes falling asleep a hard task. If you sleep with air conditioning, it’s vital to set it at an optimal temperature which isn’t too far away from the current one. To set the correct temperature first check your area’s weather data. And of course, you should have a good routine before sleeping, so here’s what to follow before you sleep.

Say No to Coffee!

Coffee culture has taken over the entire world and especially among the newer generations. We can’t survive without coffee. Right from morning to evening, most people drink at least 3 cups of coffee. But caffeine in the coffee isn’t good if taken in too much quantity. You should make it a rule to not consume coffee capsule or any caffeinated products at least 8 to 10 hours prior to your sleeping time. This gives time for the remaining caffeine in the body to wear off its effect and you won’t be up all night. Also, this will help you form a healthy habit of not being a caffeine-addicted person. If you’re thinking of stopping this is a good starting method.

Dinner Habits

Contrary to popular routines, you shouldn’t sleep with an empty stomach. Chances are you will feel pangs of hunger in the middle of the night and then not be able to sleep. Also what time do you eat before going to bed is also an important thing. If you go to bed at 10 pm. You should eat your dinner at least from 7pm to 8pm. In case you have a heavy dinner you should take a walk after eating to help with digestion. And if you eat light dinners, skip on the walks or just walk for 5 minutes.


Having cold showers helps in summer especially because cold water helps in making you feel refreshed and after a tiring and sweaty day. It will help you wear off your entire day’s tiredness and help you get better sleep. Cold showers in general help reduce muscle soreness and improve your overall blood circulation. Due to so many health benefits, taking different kinds of showers has always been treated as therapy since ancient ages. So taking a cold shower will definitely give you a good sleep.

Skin Care

Although it does not have a direct relationship with sleep, doing skin care should be a part of your sleeping routine. Your skin also needs good care especially at night as this is when your skin heals best. Moisturizing your face and applying helpful serums with the right motion will help improve blood circulation and relax your skin. A happy skin and happy sleep is the best thing to keep you looking young for a longer time.

Screen Time

It’s been said over and over again and yet it is still not enough. Get off all the screens- phones, laptops, TVs or tablets at least one hour before going to sleep. Yes, sounds very hard to do but you know you’ll keep scrolling if you don’t put that phone down. And of course, Netflix is gonna keep you up all night. The best advice is never to start a show right before sleeping. Reducing the screen time is also better for your eyes as they get stained when you look at those in less light during the night.

Close your eyes

You won’t fall asleep right when you go to bed. It takes time for your body to shut down as well. Close your eyes and try not opening it. Stress to deal with every day, unwind before actually falling asleep. Clear your thoughts and just think about sleeping. This will help you fall asleep best.

Follow this sleeping routine and feel yourself getting a great summer sleep. Most of us don’t even have time to follow such routines. It is better to make a routine that suits your time best. This way you will not feel forced to follow a routine and also actually get better sleep. Hope you sleep well!