Keeping Your Ro Water Purifier Well-maintained With Professional Service

RO or Reverse Osmosis based water purifiers are the best solution for getting clean, safe drinking water in urban households today. RO purification is effective at removing a wide range of harmful contaminants from water. However, like any other appliance, RO water purifiers also require periodic maintenance for optimal performance. 

Getting professional Water Purifier Service Ghaziabad done regularly ensures your system keeps delivering pure water efficiently. In this article, we’ll discuss why servicing is important and what activities professional technicians carry out.

 Why RO Water Purifiers Need Regular Servicing

RO water purifiers work on a multi-stage filtration process to make water potable. Here’s a quick understanding of the technology:

– Water first passes through a pre-filter that traps sediments and some microbes. 

– Next, an activated carbon filter absorbs chlorine and other dissolved gases. 

– The water then enters the RO membrane under pressure. The membrane has microscopic pores that block dissolved salts, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and other impurities.

– Purified water passes through while concentrated impurities are flushed out as wastewater. 

– Some models also have a UV disinfection stage at the end to kill any remaining microbes.

But over months of operation, the filters and RO membrane start accumulating the impurities they remove from water. The pores of the membrane get clogged with mineral scales and microbial growths. The pre-filters also become blocked and saturated with dirt.

Without timely RO servicing, the RO system cannot function optimally. Purification efficiency reduces, clean water output goes down, and contamination can occur. So regular maintenance is crucial for enjoying safe drinking water always.

 Signs It’s Time for RO Service

Watch out for these signs indicating your RO water purifier needs servicing:

– Purified water flow from the tap becomes slow.

– Water starts tasting/smelling bad again.

– You notice particles or cloudiness in the water. 

– The reject water flow starts reducing. 

– RO water makes gurgling noise indicating high back pressure.

– Leakage from taps, joints or under the tank.

– Pressure of purified water drops significantly.

– Currently serviced filters/membrane are 6+ months old.

If you observe any of these symptoms, call RO Service Near Me Ghaziabad professionals immediately. Delaying servicing can overwork and permanently damage the RO membrane.

 Activities Involved in RO Servicing

Here are the key tasks involved when servicing RO water purifiers:

  1. Inspection & Diagnosis

– Technicians first thoroughly examine all components like filters, RO membrane, taps, pipelines, pump etc. 

– They check for any leakage and test the water flow rates. 

– Performance is analyzed to identify which parts need cleaning, repair or replacement.

  1. Disassembly & Cleaning

– The housing of filters and RO membrane are opened up by draining out water completely.

– Sediment filters and pre-filter candles are scrubbed clean or replaced if very dirty.

– The RO membrane undergoes chemical cleaning and descaling to remove blockages. 

– Pipelines are flushed clean and tap washers are changed if there are leaks.

  1. Repairs & Refurbishment 

– Parts like pumps, valves and flow restrictors are changed if defective.

– RO membrane is replaced with a new high-rejection membrane if required.

– Damaged filter housings or broken fittings are also fixed or changed.

  1. Testing & Reassembly

– Once serviced, all components are re-installed in their housing. 

– Pipelines and tank are sanitized before starting water flow.

– Purified water flow rates and quality is tested.

– The unit is monitored for any issues before handing over.

This comprehensive servicing process ensures the RO water purifier’s filtration capacity and purity levels are restored.

 Getting Scheduled RO Service

RO membrane and filters need servicing every 6-12 months depending on water usage and quality. Many companies offer annual maintenance contracts or AMCs for RO water purifiers.

Their technicians visit your home twice a year for inspection, cleaning and parts replacement as needed. The scheduled service ensures optimal performance throughout the year.

RO Service India is one such leading provider of professional RO purifier servicing and AMCs. Their well-trained technicians use safe, approved chemicals and genuine spare parts. They follow authorized service protocols prescribed by purifier manufacturers. 

Getting a yearly contract with them provides peace of mind with your RO water purifier always working like new. Their prompt service also resolves any sudden issues cropping up between scheduled visits.

Drinking purified water is important. Protect your family’s health with properly serviced RO water purifiers from RO Service India.

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