Selecting a Pest Control Service Provider

Pests are more than just an inconvenience; they pose a real health threat. From food contamination to asthma and allergies, they pose a real danger. Selecting an experienced and reliable pest control service provider is essential to protect family members and pets.

Experience and qualifications can be assessed by visiting their website or reading local reviews, inquiring about licensing and insurance coverage as well as consulting their license agreement.


Reputation is one of the key deciding factors when it comes to choosing a pest control service provider, and Orkin guarantees their results up to two years! This ensures homeowners get quality services for their infestation needs.

Checking a pest control company’s reputation can be accomplished in various ways, from reading reviews on social media and local review sites, checking its Better Business Bureau rating, and reviewing licensure information from your state’s department of agriculture. Some pest control firms may even hold additional certifications such as Green Pro or QualityPro that demonstrate their dedication to using environmentally safe practices while offering reliable service – Ehrlich Pest Control is both qualityPro and GreenPro certified, following NPMA guidelines to minimize use of pesticides.


Pest control technicians use various techniques to detect and eliminate common pests like roaches, bed bugs, ants and rodents as well as prevent future infestations; this may involve trapping, exclusion or spraying (general or restricted-use) pesticides.

Reputable pest control services should offer guarantees on their services to establish trust with customers and instil confidence in their business. Depending on the pest in question, such a guarantee could offer full refund or free revisits as appropriate.

Prior to treatment, a pest control professional will conduct an initial property inspection in order to identify and understand the scope of the issue. This step is vital as it will enable them to create a customized solution plan, address your questions or concerns, and help determine whether their services meet your requirements. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to research whether their company belongs to any relevant associations for pest management industry professionals.


Pest control service providers offer various services to rid homes of harmful insects and rodents, such as termite control, cockroach/bed bug/spider removal/extermination and rodent extermination/eradication. Their offerings also extend to treating existing infestations while simultaneously helping prevent future ones from taking up residence on properties using traps, general use pesticides or modified structures to help protect customers’ properties from future intruders.

Some states require licenses for pesticide application on residential, commercial, and agricultural properties; other have specific types of licenses available for different categories of pesticides; while still others impose serious fines against unlicensed applicators working with toxic substances.

A licensed pest control company is more likely to be trustworthy and adhere to industry standards. They may hold certifications such as GreenPro Service Certification or QualityPro that demonstrate they follow best practices while being eco-friendly; additionally they may belong to trade organizations such as NPMA or AHLA which add further credibility.


Pest control service providers must carry adequate insurance policies in order to safeguard themselves against potential liabilities. This should include commercial general liability policies, which cover settlements and awards in the event of litigation; as well as workers’ compensation coverage which reimburses health care expenses and lost wages as a result of work-related injury or illness.

Business auto insurance provides essential protection in case of accidents involving your vehicles and drivers, especially if they transport hazardous chemicals that could leak and cause environmental harm. It should be especially considered important if transporting chemicals or pesticides that may leak, posing serious environmental threats.

An effective pest control company must also offer a satisfaction guarantee. Terminix provides general plans with four quarterly service appointments and free revisits for pests that return between appointments; Hawx provides add-on treatments for harder-to-treat pests like attic insulation, bed bugs, crawl spaces, intensive rodent control and termites that ensures your problem will be solved permanently – though these extra costs might add up over time.