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Rangoli is a traditional Indian art form common in India and other South Asian countries. It is a geometric design typically made with colored powder grains. It’s used to decorate the floors of houses, temples, and public spaces during festivals. This art form is also taught in Indian schools as part of the school curriculum. Making rangoli requires some supplies and skills, but anyone can do it

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Materials needed for making a simple rangoli include a container for collecting the powder, a strainer or sieve, a countertop or table, pencils or pens, color mixing pans, cotton swabs, and an eraser head. You can use sandpaper to rough up the countertop or table before painting it if it’s too smooth. You can also use an eraser head to remove any rough edges before you start painting. Next, you’ll need to collect different types of colored sand from your local playground or park. You can use cotton swabs to transfer the sand to your container. After that, you’ll need to mix all your ingredients together with an eraser head until they’re well combined. Then, use your strainer or sieve to collect the grains once the powder has settled.

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Rangoli is usually made using rice flour in different colors such as green, red, and orange. White is usually used as an accent color to separate the primary colors- green, red, and orange- from each other. Green represents hope and prosperity, while red stands for courage and blood and orange represents joy and warmth. To make your design, you’ll need to draw a circular shape on the floor using green sand for guidelines. Next, draw a smaller circle inside it using red sand and connect them using orange sand along the edges. You can then decorate your design by adding flowers, animals, and various other designs along the outer edge of your rippled circle.

There are many different styles of rangoli that suit different purposes. Some popular ones include single-rippled circles for decoration or crafting projects, double-rippled circles for weddings and baby showers and triple-rippled circles for pub tables at social events. For festivals, people make larger designs called javitsas which are meant to invoke positive emotions such as happiness, camaraderie, optimism and vitality among patrons of festivals at these locations.

Making rangoli is an interesting activity that can be done by anyone with basic supplies and skills. It’s fun to make and can be used for many purposes- from crafting projects to decorating spaces for festivals. Basically anything you’d use a marker for can be done with powder instead!

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