Top 5 Ways a New Crate Engine Can Benefit Your Vehicle

There are a few ways to really open up your vehicle’s power output when you’re pushing the envelope on speed, torque, and acceleration. Crate engines might just be the most convenient option, though. Once you understand everything they bring to the table at once, it’s easier to see why so many drivers opt for a crate upgrade when putting together a vehicle that needs to provide top tier performance.

1. Upgrade Your Engine’s Power Output

Whether you want to add horsepower, torque, or a combination of the two, you can make it happen in a single move by using a crate kit. Crate engines are built to fit your vehicle’s engine compartment, but they are not limited to the stock sizes for cam shafts, cylinders, and other components. As a result, a short block crate engine can add a big boost to your baseline power that your other performance upgrades can build on.

2. Reset the Clock on Your Vehicle’s Operating Life

It’s not just performance builds that benefit from a crate engine upgrade. If your vehicle is showing its age and you’re considering an engine rebuild to revitalize it, you might want to consider a crate engine kit instead. Depending on how much work you need to do to re-machine and rebuild your engine, the crate might even be cheaper. With no other performance upgrades, a complete engine kit still provides you with a baseline power upgrade and a new lease on life, provided your vehicle’s body and other systems are in great shape.

3. Get the Most Out of Other Performance Upgrades

Most upgrades will help you get the most out of your engine, but they are still limited by your engine’s baseline capacity. You can make some gains on that capacity by upgrading your spark plugs and ECM, but ultimately features like your cam size and cylinder travel are only going to change if you change the engine. That means if you already have upgrades in place like performance exhaust modifications, they’ll help the new engine reach its full potential too. For drivers that have upgraded those systems past the point of diminishing returns on an old engine, a crate upgrade could change the game entirely.

4. You Can Change Cam and Cylinder Sizes

This is really what it all comes down to when you talk about crate engine performance and adding power. You can’t do a lot to change certain key features of your engine under most circumstances because they’re limited by the physical dimensions of that engine’s block. Crate kits use a new block, so their limitations are different from your stock engine.

5. Surprise Your Competition

If you make a significant upgrade under the hood and you don’t make a big deal about it, your competition will only be able to expect the kind of performance your vehicle would normally put out with a fully optimized stock engine and performance upgrades. You have the opportunity to catch them off guard with a bigger and beastlier performance, and the element of surprise goes a long way in racing. Check out your options for engine kits today and start brainstorming.
Whether you are looking for more power, better fuel economy, or both, opting for a crate engine can be the right solution for many vehicles. Here are the top five ways a crate engine can benefit your vehicle:

1. Improved Performance. Crate engines are built to run at higher horsepower ratings than factory-installed units. Many crate engines also incorporate the most up-to-date technology, ensuring they are often more efficient and come with better acceleration and more torque.

2. Longer Engine Life. Crate engines are often designed to outlast their factory-installed counterparts. They are rebuilt to exact specifications, with every component tested to the highest standards. This can ensure that your vehicle’s performance will remain consistent for a long time.

3. Greater Reliability. Crate engines are often designed with fewer moving parts, meaning less wear and tear on the engine over time. This results in increased reliability and can reduce the chances of mechanical breakdowns.

4. Increased Fuel Efficiency. Crate engines are often designed to be fuel efficient. By utilizing the latest technology, they can often offer greater fuel efficiency than their factory counterparts.

5. easier to Install. Crate engines are designed to be easier than factory-installed units. For individuals who choose to install the engine themselves, crate engines can often be a more effective and straightforward option.

In conclusion, crate engines offer numerous advantages that can greatly benefit a vehicle. From improved performance and greater reliability to increased fuel efficiency and ease of installation, a crate engine can be the ideal addition to any vehicle.

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