What Color Chicken Rocks Best? Experience Choosing a Good Rooster

From VeryMany of you wonder that What color chicken is the best? ? For generations, the knowledge of choosing the top cockers has been accumulated little by little and it is not natural that it has survived until now. To know the good fighting cock colors, please read the following article of Nhà cái 789BET.

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In fact, there is still no exact answer to the question What color chicken is the best?  Because the color of the feathers of chicken breeds in general and fighting cocks in particular, there are 3 popular colors that are cashew, gray and purple. Each type will have its own strengths and talents private. Let’s dig into these colors in detail to see which breeds stand out the most:

Cashew-colored chicken tube

The cashew chicken must be mentioned first in the list What color chicken is the best? . This is a chicken breed with healthy, shiny black feathers, attracting the eyes of viewers, especially the winning chicken matches are the majority.

In addition to the color of the cashew umbrella, there are a number of other physical features that can be combined to look for chickens such as the white-legged ivory-billed umbrella, the frog-eyed green-legged umbrella. If the cockerel is still wondering about the fighting ability of this feathered chicken, look for the 19-degree victory of O Taxi.

Gray chicken breed

Next on the list What color chicken is the best?  the gray chicken. This is the breed most chosen by cockers because of their messy gray plumage, relatively large stature and strong appearance.

Although the coat looks messy and dry, they have very high durability along with extreme fighting skills. If you want to find concrete evidence, then learn about Gray Messi and Gray God that are admired by many people.

Purple feathered fighting cock

Purple chicken is the term for chickens with mixed plumage of burgundy and is classified based on the color of the legs. Usually, based on the corresponding level of fighting, people will rank strong chickens from high to low as white leg, blue leg and lead leg.

In particular, the white-legged purple chicken line also has a rather special nickname, King Kong because it possesses a consecutive win rate of up to 18 matches. Comes with really thorny and impressive kicks in the cockfighting world.

In addition, the blue-legged purple chicken is considered to be durable and has a unique color, so that is the reason why the opponents have to be afraid and wary. The lead-legged purple chicken is less noticeable because it is considered an unlucky color. But some people still think that this breed has unique attacks along with stamina.

Experience choosing what color chicken is best for cockers

How to choose a good fighting cock through other characteristics

Beyond ratings What color chicken is the best?  experienced people also recommend that other criteria should be considered. Although it does not play an important role, it will be a secondary factor to help cockers compare fighting cocks.

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Choose chicken based on eye color

After knowing What color chicken is the best?  then the cocker should observe the eyes of the fighting cock. This will be the place to show the temperament of the cock such as gentle, fierce, aggressive or not. You should choose chickens with round, flexible pupils, small upper eyelids with a black border around them. You can choose a deep eye, but don’t be too deep to affect your vision.

Choose chicken based on wings

In addition to choosing What color chicken is the best?  The part about choosing chicken wings is also what makes cockers interested. This part is where the chickens keep their balance during competition. You should choose the ones with straight and folded wing feathers, sturdy, thick, preferably tightly packed to the body. In addition, chicken owners can determine their age based on the feathers on the wings.

Good fighting chicken wings must be thick and sturdy

Choose a chicken that fights or goes over the breast and pins

The ribcage is the lower part of the belly bone that connects the sternum to the buoy and plays an important role in defense. You should choose a cock with a sharp, slightly keeled breast curved From the outside in, don’t choose the slopes that deviate much from the sides. The longer the keel, the deeper the tail runs, the strength is very durable.

Pins are the bony protrusions on either side of the chicken’s anus. If you put a finger between two pins and it doesn’t fit, it’s a tight pin and you should choose this chicken to compete.

Consider what color chickens fight best through their toes

When looking at chicken feet, besides the toes are not missing, the cocker should prioritize those with long and slender middle toes, the outer toes must be long and even. The remaining fingers only need to have scales, bones, tendons, without much meat, the stone is good.

Choose a fighting cock or through toe characteristics

Here are the selected experiences What color chicken is the best?  was revealed to 789Bet by leading cockroaches. In addition, you should also pay attention to some other characteristics such as eyes, wings, chest, etc. to choose a satisfactory cock. Hopefully those who plan to raise fighting cocks will have more useful knowledge through this article.

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